Suresh Babu & Rekha's Dream 3 BHK Apartment

Suresh & Rekha sought to improve the decor throughout their modern home. They wanted to accentuate the aesthetics of their house with the use of modular furniture and natural tones.

The Outcome

Our Nivasi team and designers pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that each element of the design is flawlessly executed and harmoniously integrated into the overall concept.

“Nivasi Interior team has an amazing gift to transform your home from ordinary to outstanding! From design to execution they makes it fun and even exhilarating. they works to create a plan of action with different options and varying budgets. I highly recommend Nivasi Interiors for your interior design project in Bangalore" I had a budget and I had my own ideas and opinions about what I wanted. Many designers blow the budget and force you into styles that don't fit your personality. Not Nivasi Interiors, They knew where to push and where to evolve her own creativity to fit my style and taste. they stayed within budget. I LOVE my bedroom.”

Suresh BabuSoftware Engineer